Who we are

kirchbaumer consulting was founded in 2006 by Katrina Barry and Christine Krack. In 2009 the founders went separate ways, leaving Katrina Barry as the remaining founder and sole owner.

Katrina incorporated her company "comlang, communication & language"  into the consultancy, providing her clients with additional communication, language training and translating services. With a network of national and international colleagues she has been supporting individuals and organisations for nearly 20 years. 

Katrina Barry, kirchbaumer consulting
Katrina Barry

Katrina Barry advises and supports people and organisations to reach their full potential in their development and change processes.

She is a systemic consultant and coach and the founder of „kirchbaumer consulting“ – Organisational Consultancy & Development. Katrina is also a lecturer at the University of Applied Sciences Mittelhessen.

She is certified by infosyon as a Master Trainer of System Constellations in Organisations and has been a member of the Board of infosyon since 2008 (infosyon e.V -International Forum for System Constellations in Organisations)


“As a consultant and coach, I support you holistically with enthusiasm and positive energy, to find solutions for the challenges of today."



"We support and bring together people who work with passion using system constellations in professional and delicate contexts for key questions in organisations. To do so we have and are creating interdisciplinary and intercultural channels of communication which are necessary for the fruitful dialog between consultants, organisational representatives and researchers. We would like to contribute towards making the method develop to its full potential. Our vision is that organisational constellations become more and more a recognised, valued and established management tool."   


infosyon is the interdisciplinary international association for qualified deployment of system constellations in organisations. Katrina Barry is certified as an infosyon Master Trainer.


Membership of ISCS - International Systemic Constellations Organisation



Membership ODNE Europe