Systemic Constellation Workshops and Training

Systemic constellations allow you to see your actual system from a distance, enabling you to gain new insight and allowing implicit wisdom to be seen.


Furthermore, they reduce complexity, enabling you to understand underlying dynamics and make decision making easier.


This innovative method works just as well online, as in person!

You are able to map out your issue using various constellation tools, from an online constellation board, to virtual avatars, particularly chosen to suit you and your issue.


You are very welcome to join me in one of the next online constellation workshops to experience how this works yourself!


Participation fee for representatives 30 Euro plus VAT.

For a constellation including a pre-meeting consultation, constellation and follow-up meeting: 55 Euro plus VAT.


For more information or to register by phone:

contact Katrina Barry +49 177 316 4780


International Training

Master Organisational Constellation Training

 2023 in Barcelona, Spain.

More information can be found here >>

International Conferences



International Congress



Systemic facilitation in a rapidly changing world.

May 12 & 13 2023 in Doorn, The Netherlands.


Organised by the Bert Hellinger Instituut Nederland


More information can be found here»

reduce complexity,

understand dynamics,

creative solutions.