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Workshop: "Less Stress, More Success"     

Resilient leaders = Resilient organisations 



A systemic look at how stress affects us and how we can manage it!

In this workshop each person will have the opportunity to look at his or her professional and/or personal system from a systemic perspective and be able to recognize any deep-rooted patterns triggering or generating unnecessary stress in their personal life or organisation. We will also look at how you can use systemic principles to support resilience and balance in your everyday life.



Join me at my workshop hosted by  EMANA in Barcelona on 14 - 15 December 2018 and take a closer look at your system to be ready to start a happy and healthier New Year 2019!!!


Workshop "Organisational Constellations, Today and in the Future".


An meeting of constellation colleagues from around the world. An opportunity to share work, learn from one another and network.


It was an inspiring Gathering. Thank you ISCA!


International Conference: And where are the kites flying now?
International Conference

And where are the kites flying now?

International Conference on Organisational Constellations

from 26 - 28 April 2018 in Wiesloch, Germany


Workshop Katrina Barry

"Organisational Constellations today and in the future"


It was an amazing conference!

The slides of the presentations, a mixture of German and English workshops and lectures can be found here:


reduce complexity,

understand dynamics,

creative solutions.