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“The significant problems which we face today cannot be solved at the same level of thinking we were at when we created them.” Albert Einstein

Systemic Organisational Consulting

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Systemic Organisational Consulting

As the world around us becomes more complex and challenging, traditional ways of leadership and management are becoming less and less effective.


The necessity to be able to cope with change and the emerging future becomes more challenging every day. Systemic management methods can create insight, clarity and direction, revealing the underlying dynamics which limit you, your organisation or team from reaching your goals or highest potential.    


I offer you support in the following areas of organisational consultancy and organisational development, in order to plan and secure a sustainable future for your organisation:

  • Innovative Organisational and Management consultancy
  • Change management and shaping the future in Organisations
  • Vision work and strategy development
  • Company succession
  • Systemic constellations


A holistic view is the basis for sustainable success! Pause – look closely – act!