Quotes from workshop participants:

Feedback from participants of past workshops:


"Thank you so much for enabling this precious experience. I am deeply grateful, fulfilled and happy!" Doro .H. Germany 

"It was beautiful to connect to an island of sanity" Pier N. 

"Such a beautiful exercise Katrina, thank you, it was a blessing" Zena.M

"Thank you!!! It was a very rich exploration. I received a lot" Oana T.

"Thank you so much for your workshop. Soft, helpful and learning!" Karin 

"Great to experience you can get insight in such a short time" Tina

"Thank you for a brilliant workshop! Liselotte, Stockholm

"Dear Katrina, your gentle presence provided such a wonderful safe container. Thank you" Syma S.

"Thank you Katrina for the amazing field you created" Catherine, Belgium