Leadership Programme 2021


Systemic Leadership and Organisational Constellation Training


Leading into the future


We are in the middle of a paradigm shift where well-known management tools are no longer sufficient to initiate successful transformative change and lead organisations into the future. New ways of working, new competences, tools, and insight are required.


Our mission is to support you to gain the next generation skillset and resources to successfully build, support or lead purpose led business, enabling you to navigate the new business landscape, which is materialising at a fast pace at this extraordinary time.


How will you benefit from this programme?


You will discover how to expand and tap into your own intuitive knowledge by identifying unseen resources and opportunities to successfully lead your team or organisation in a complex world. You will gain clarity on your own unique purpose giving you clarity, strength, and flow to move forward with confidence.

Using new methods and tools including Systemic Leadership and Organisational constellations you will furthermore increase your ability to be innovative and thrive in the challenging emerging future.


Who is this programme for?


This is programme is designed for leaders, entrepreneurs and change agents working in organisations, as well as for external consultants working in Organisational or Personal Development.

If you would like to unleash the abilities of yourself, your team or your organisation, to move forward in an ambiguous future and at the same gain a new perspective on change in a highly practical programme, then this is for you! 

We assume you have several years of management experience and would like to learn how to integrate your intuitive knowledge with your rational experience.


 What will your take-aways be?


§  Learning to understand Dynamics and Pattens –  you will gain an understanding of complex situations, giving you the clarity to ask the right questions in order to make founded decisions.

§  Strengthening your Personal Leadership skills –  you will  improve your resilience and emotional intelligence, to feel confident, grounded and in flow.

§  Clarity in Transition, Development & Transformation – you will be clear in your desired movements of change and interventions.

§  Finding Purpose and Vision – you will find your authentic leadership style and gain clarity of your own true purpose.



The Details:


A 12-day intensive online training programme from Thursday afternoon to Saturday lunchtime via zoom.
23 - 25 September 2021 
21 - 23 October 2021
18 - 20 November 2021
Price: € 3900 including VAT 


To support your journey, you will also receive 2 one-to-one coaching or constellation sessions during the duration of the course.

The number of participants is limited to 18.


This training is certified as a Practitioner module by infosyon e.V.